Interview with Speak Life

Speak Life Interview with Roderick Carter

It is always wonderful to talk to people you have never met and feel the anointing on their life and hear it in their story. Speak Life is just that, talented, anointed and they walk it out everyday and live what they sing about. I recently caught up with them to find out a little more about them and to go behind the music of this power house group.

I know you will enjoy this interview but mostly, I know you will love their ministry!

So let’s find out what Speak Life is all about, right here on Real Talk with Roderick!


Interview With Todd Dulaney

Roderick D Carter Interviews Todd Dulaney

It gives me great honor and I count it a blessing to speak with none other than gospel recording artist Todd Dulaney! He shares and opens up about how he got started in the music industry as what I call one of it’s most successful newest artist.

What you may not know about Todd is that quit professional sports to pursue the calling of music ministry in his life. We will talk about which sport that is and how all of this came about.

Todd is currently under the wings and guidance of the gospel industry’s most influential promoter/manager Apostle Veryl Howard!

Tune in as we get up close and personal with Todd Dulaney!


For booking information on Todd, contact  Faith Management -Apostle Veryl Howard (910) 977-1674


Interview With Apostle Veryl Howard

Apostle Veryl Howard

I am honored to be able to sit and talk with Apostle Veryl Howard! This woman of God is a hard working and dedicated woman to the things God has put before her to do. She is well known in the gospel music industry, church world and missionary world. She has travle the world over spreading the Good News of Christ and she is also an author with a book out now called “God is my ticket out of the ghetto” available wherever books are sold.

Listen in as we get up close and personal with Apostle Veryl Howard!


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Interview With Gospel Comedienne Miz T

Miz T Gospel Comedy Interview

Get ready to laugh as we interview gospel comedienne Miz-T and get up close and personal about how she got started.


Where ever there are ears to hear, and a sound system to project her voice, MizT has been bringing the laughter to folks in all sorts of venues, like churches and banquets.  And she does it in a clean, non-profane manner…pleasing to audiences of all ages — from kids to senior citizens. As an entertainer MizT is a triple threat; aside from her comedy, she’s also a singer with a powerful voice, along with being an accomplished emcee (MC). When she’s not captivating audiences, MizT is a devoted and doting mother and grandmother. It seems performing was pre-ordained for the Austin, Texas native whose real name is Tranea (Tra-NAY) Prosser.  Both her mom and dad were singers of some note…with her late father, Harvey Prosser, being a member of the Soul Savers quartet.  Tranea has sung in church choirs for most of life…and is presently a member at Freedom Home Baptist Church in Austin.

When asked about her style of comedy, Tranea says; “Its rated ‘I’ for Infectious and for Innocence.”  As for a personal rating…MizT would have to be rated ‘H’ for Humble and ‘G’ for Grateful:  “I’ve been given a great gift by GOD, it’s an honor and a joy to share it.  I thank GOD for allowing me to minister to folks with my gifts of singing and comedy,” says the extraordinarily talented and unforgettable MizT.


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Interview With Gospel Recording Artist Anika Evans

Anika Evans Interview

Let’s get up close and personal with the powerful and anointed gospel artist Anika Evans.


As a graduate of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary with a diploma in Christian Ministry, Anika has not only impacted, taught, and blessed the men and women of Calvary Hill but has been ministering through word, song and deed throughout the Bay Area and in Las Vegas, Nevada at numerous Youth/Young adult conferences, Mission fellowships and Women’s day events .

Anika has been privy to back up some well- known Gospel musical Giants such as Bishop Paul S. Morton in 2006, William Murphy, III 2007 at the Good News Today Prayer Conference, Charlin Moore from Israel Houghton’s group New Breed in 2012, and has since been blessed to complete her own Gospel CD Project entitled “It’s Necessary” which was released October 2012.


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Interview With Psalmist Doris Stokes

Psalmist Doris Stokes Interview

We interview Psalmist Doris Stokes to get up close and personal about who she is and how she got started.


Psalmist Doris Stokes comes out strong and powerful with her DEBUT “live” solo effort…can you say SOPRANO?! This project highlights another one of Doris’ strong areas of Anointing: songwriting, where she pens about HALF of this project’s 15 tracks. Produced by herself and the awesome Minister Keith Leak (also a Dayton, Ohio native)“Praise & Worship…Unleashed!” places you smack in the middle of a worship experience and praise encounter few are able to translate through a “live” recording. Doris is a TOTAL package Gospel artist: she’s anointed to sing vocally, a producer, a songwriter and a Prophetic teacher/speaker of the Gospel. You can’t go wrong with this one; a MUST HAVE for ALL praise & worship lovers!


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Interview With Gospel Recording Artist Dr. Toni Booker

Dr Toni Booker Interview

We interview gospel recording artist Dr. Toni Booker about her music career and how she got started.


Throughout the early years trials and tribulation came but that did not stop Booker Productions from taking first place in every competition they entered starting with the Kentucky Fried Chicken Gospel Competition,The Michigan State Fair City Wide Competition and last but not least the Pathmark Gospel Competition in New York City.

Dr. Toni Booker and Booker Productions has performed with many gospel greats such as Shirley Ceasar and Lee Williams. Booker Productions has also performed(and still does) at the Gospel Music Workshop of America


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Interview With Gospel Recording Artist Sonya McGuire

Sonya McGuire Interview

Let’s get up close and personal with the very talented gospel recording artist Sonya McGuire!


Sonya is truly a multi-gifted individual. She is a Gospel singer, recording artist, songwriter, musician, and Radio Personality for Freedom Sonya truly has ministry at the heart of all she does. Sonya’s unique ministry and style of Praise & Worship, has electrified audiences, offering them an original and blessed Praise & Worship experience. With vocal ability that is comparable to none and marveled by many, Sonya incorporates thought- provoking lyrics with unmistakable Jazz overtones into her music. Her organic songwriting abilities blend Soul, traditional Gospel, Jazz, Funk, and Praise & Worship. Her gift has made room for her to share the stage with artists such as Mariah Carey, Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribett, Donnie McClurkin, Dorinda Clark-Cole, Fred Hammond, Kim Burrell, Marvin Sapp, Natalie Wilson and S.O.P., Israel Houghton, Karen Clark –Sheard, Rizen, Youthful Praise, Mary Mary, the Georgia Mass Choir and many more. Her most recent collaboration with Corey “Coco Brother” Condrey’s (DJ personality from Atlanta’s biggest Gospel station) Stand Project introduced her most popular single “Should’ve Thought About It” to audiences across all 50 states.


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Interview With Pastor T.C. Brantley

Dr Pastor T.C. Brantley Interview

We interview Dr. Pastor T.C. Brantley about Strong Marriages the new S&M!


Dr. T. Charles Brantley is a marriage counselor who founded Strong Marriages (the new S&M). With the goal of restoring and saving marriages in all aspects and assisting couples from living together to walking down the aisle in Holy Matrimony.

Dr. T. Charles Brantley is fully accredited by the International Board of Christian Counselors as a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor by the American Association of Christian Counselors. He has a Diploma in Biblical Counseling from American Association of Christian Counselors. Dr. Brantley received a certificate for Emotionally Focused CouplesTherapy.  In addition he is acertified Professional Marriage Coach and Professional Marriage Mentor with the American Association of Christian Counselor.


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Interview With Gospel Artist Overseer Belton

Overseer Belton Interview on Real Talk with Roderick

We get up close and personal with Overseer Belton and Company about his music and career on


For Overseer Belton and God’s Company, ministry is at the heart of everything. The Chicago-based gospel quartet showcases their passion for ministry and music on their highly-anticipated debut release, The Blood. “I want to display the power of testimony through our music that is relatable to people,” says Belton.

The Blood features a soulful set of tracks that focus on messages of inspiration and hope. The CD is set to hit the streets in late July 2010. The Blood will be marketed and distributed nationally through Independent Distribution Collective Company in various retail stores and online digital music websites.

Originally, the group formed in 2007 when they were known as the Royal Light Juniors. But as time progressed and members changed, it evolved into Overseer Belton and God’s Company. Now, Overseer Belton and God’s Company maybe a new as a group, but the members are not novices to the gospel music industry. Collectively, they have 25 years of experience. In fact, the group’s leader, Moses Belton, Sr., is an accomplished songwriter and music entrepreneur in his own right. As a songwriter, he acquired a publishing deal with Atlanta-based DH Publishing, in which he has submitted several songs and some have already been recorded by well-known gospel artists. In addition, he is the President of Quartet City Records, an independent gospel label based in the Chicago area. He also serves as an Overseer in the Pentecostal Assemblies of Christ International, Inc., providing pastoral oversight to churches in state of Illinois.


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Interview With Gospel Artist Lisa Foster Wilson

Lisa Foster Wilson Interview

We get up close and personal with gospel recording artist Lisa Foster Wilson on Real Talk with Roderick!

Performing to Lisa is an art form and more importantly a calling; Lisa’s goal is to communicate to the masses but touch each soul on a personal level.  As God’s servant Lisa uses her music and performance training to make that connection and deliver Gods message to each and every soul.  This is what she is meant to do.


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Interview With Gospel Artist Marjane

Gospel Artist Marjane' Interview

Listen in as we get up close and personal with gospel recording artist Marjane on!


Up-and-coming gospel artist Marjané (pronounced Mar-janay) has been singing since age 2, with an upbringing in the Baptist church. Aware of her talent, she put church on the backburner as she sought other avenues toward the musical career she’d imagined. Segueing from the church to R&B showcases, Marjané soon realized that there was a greater focus on her outward appearance rather than her voice. Realizing that her desire was “to sing, not sell sex,” Marjané rededicated her life to Christ. Still, it was not easy transitioning from the secular lifestyle to the world of gospel. “Part of me wanted God, and part of me wanted to keep my old ways,” says Marjané. “It took knowing God’s word and prayer to show that I could not have both.”

Pushing forward, Marjané rediscovered her relationship with God through her writing. Self-released in July of 2007, her first album, “Keys to My Heart,” originated as a love letter back to God where “you’ll experience and hear the intimate relationship I have with Christ.” Standout tracks include “Appreciate Each Other,” a clear representation of Marjané’s vocal strength and range, and “Now I Believe,” a moving ballad that talks about the struggle of trying to do it on your own, reminding us that all you have to do is trust in God. The up-tempo, “Clap Your Hands” recognizes that God is there in the good and bad times and He deserves all the praise.


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Interview With Gospel Artist Marshetta Parker

Marshetta Parker Interview

Let’s get up-close and personal with gospel recording artist Marshetta Parker as she is interviewed on!


Standing as a bridge between fashionable, contemporary and traditional music styles, Marshetta is known for her transparency while allowing the Holy Spirit to use her to change the atmosphere through anointed Praise and Worship.  She has been captivating audiences throughout her travels with her energetic and inspiring music ministry of hope, healing, and encouragement.

Marshetta Parker is an independent artist, who in May of 2009 released her first CD single entitled “My Everything”.  Since then, the single has been played on radio stations around the country, including the nationally syndicated, Coco Brother Live show.   She has had the opportunity to minister on stage by opening up for various national recording artists. In addition, she was a part of the 2010 Radio One (One Love Gospel Cruise).  Her single, “My Everything” was chosen as the new artist winner for the 2010 Coco Brother Stand CD which is currently in stores around the country.


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