Interview with Speak Life

Speak Life Interview with Roderick Carter

It is always wonderful to talk to people you have never met and feel the anointing on their life and hear it in their story. Speak Life is just that, talented, anointed and they walk it out everyday and live what they sing about. I recently caught up with them to find out a little more about them and to go behind the music of this power house group.

I know you will enjoy this interview but mostly, I know you will love their ministry!

So let’s find out what Speak Life is all about, right here on Real Talk with Roderick!


Interview With Todd Dulaney

Roderick D Carter Interviews Todd Dulaney

It gives me great honor and I count it a blessing to speak with none other than gospel recording artist Todd Dulaney! He shares and opens up about how he got started in the music industry as what I call one of it’s most successful newest artist.

What you may not know about Todd is that quit professional sports to pursue the calling of music ministry in his life. We will talk about which sport that is and how all of this came about.

Todd is currently under the wings and guidance of the gospel industry’s most influential promoter/manager Apostle Veryl Howard!

Tune in as we get up close and personal with Todd Dulaney!


For booking information on Todd, contact  Faith Management -Apostle Veryl Howard (910) 977-1674

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