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Up-and-coming gospel artist Marjané (pronounced Mar-janay) has been singing since age 2, with an upbringing in the Baptist church. Aware of her talent, she put church on the backburner as she sought other avenues toward the musical career she’d imagined. Segueing from the church to R&B showcases, Marjané soon realized that there was a greater focus on her outward appearance rather than her voice. Realizing that her desire was “to sing, not sell sex,” Marjané rededicated her life to Christ. Still, it was not easy transitioning from the secular lifestyle to the world of gospel. “Part of me wanted God, and part of me wanted to keep my old ways,” says Marjané. “It took knowing God’s word and prayer to show that I could not have both.”

Pushing forward, Marjané rediscovered her relationship with God through her writing. Self-released in July of 2007, her first album, “Keys to My Heart,” originated as a love letter back to God where “you’ll experience and hear the intimate relationship I have with Christ.” Standout tracks include “Appreciate Each Other,” a clear representation of Marjané’s vocal strength and range, and “Now I Believe,” a moving ballad that talks about the struggle of trying to do it on your own, reminding us that all you have to do is trust in God. The up-tempo, “Clap Your Hands” recognizes that God is there in the good and bad times and He deserves all the praise.


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